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Domestic Consumption of Specialty Coffee at Origin: A Comparative Study

Oftentimes viewed as a cure-all for low prices, increasing domestic consumption within coffee producing countries is a hot topic for any number of businesses, governments, and producer organizations around the world. That said, increasing consumption of commercial grade coffee may just be putting a bandage over the current price crisis. Apart from solely increasing demand, a focus on specialty consumption can have outsized impacts on the future of coffee and its sustainability worldwide. But the million – or billion – dollar question is: what needs to be in place to enable the growth of specialty coffee consumption within producing countries?

By comparing the current state of domestic (specialty) consumption in Ethiopia, Colombia, and Peru, this lecture will demonstrate different models for increasing specialty consumption and show the positive impact that a focus on high-quality coffee consumption can have on the entire supply chain, particularly the involvement of young people.

Category: Humanities and Social Sciences

Lecture Room 2

Target Audience: Baristas, Producers, Retail Operators and Coffee Enthusiasts

Download lecture handout here.