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A Sixth Era of Coffee? Specialty and Sustainability in Historical and Anthropological Perspective

This session brings together recent work on the history and anthropology of coffee in the context of a discussion about the role of specialty in rebalancing the fundamentals of the market. Professor Jonathan Morris presents an overview of the history of price volatility across the five eras of coffee history he has identified, with some suggestions as to how this might be resolved in a sixth era as producer countries start consuming their own coffee. Sabine Parrish focuses on Brazil where this has already occurred, discussing the overall growth in consumption, and relating this to a specialty culture that has to operate within constraints imposed by Brazil’s primacy in the field of production.

Category: Humanities and Social Sciences

Lecture Room 2

Target Audience: Baristas, Roasters, Producers, Traders, Retail Operators, and Coffee Enthusiasts

Download lecture handout here.