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The Effect of Third Wave Coffee Towards Coffee Farmers' Sovereignty in Indonesia Through Direct Trade

In 2017 I began the journey to develop what would be the best method to tackle basic issues in the coffee farming sector in Indonesia. I wrote an undergraduate thesis about how direct trade has the chance to emancipate the current welfare level in Indonesian coffee farming society. In the middle of the current growth of coffee industry world wide as the global capitalism takes the main position as the hegemony in the trade system, globalization with all the recent development in many sectors. At the end of the day, what can coffee farmers benefit then?
However, I believe that the third wave coffee era leads to growing direct trade movement as the method established by roasters / local coffee shop owners that result further connection and relationship with the coffee farmers. In the case, there is this possibility that direct trade will make the coffee farmers benefit and survive in the industry.

Category: Humanities and Social Sciences

Lecture Room 2

Target Audience: Roasters, Producers, Traders, and Coffee Enthusiasts