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How Growing Coffee Sustainably Can Alleviate Poverty and Protect the Environment

Coffee is the second most sought after commodity next to crude oil, reaching $16 billion in export value in 2016. The coffee sector, which had a retail market value of $200 billion in 2015, employs approximately 125 million people. Grown primarily in developing countries, 80 per cent of coffee production comes from 20 to 25 million smallholder farmers. This is why the State of Sustainability Initiatives (SSI) believes voluntary sustainability standards (VSSs) are crucial to sustainable coffee production. VSSs emerged in the coffee sector over 20 years ago, addressing climate change, biodiversity conservation, poverty alleviation and worker health and safety. This panel discussion will highlight what VSS compliant coffee production entails, which VSSs are having an impact and how companies can make a difference. It will also feature the launch of our Annual Global Market Report: Coffee, which is just one of the reports in our sustainable commodities marketplace series.

Category: Sustainability

Lecture Room 3

Target Audience: Producers, Traders, and Retail Operators