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Boosting Farm Profitability at a Time of Record Low Prices

Global coffee prices are at their lowest levels in more than a decade, and nowhere is this crisis felt more acutely than on the smallholder coffee farms: at current price and productivity levels, many coffee grower incomes do not meet their basic needs.
While most attention has been focused on price mechanisms and premiums, the best lever for improving farm profitability is to increase yields, quality and farming efficiency. Through the adoption of low-cost techniques, many farmers can experience dramatic yield increases. These gains would more than compensate for declining prices. Because global coffee supplies and prices are largely driven by just four countries, production increases elsewhere are needed to meet future demand for unique specialty coffees.
The long-term hope for maximizing the production value of land holdings will require data and research about the interaction between varieties (genetics), the land, agronomic approach, farmer type, and the specific market for the beans are intended: commercial, specialty, or top specialty. The session will also discuss how the coffee industry can help coffee farmers achieve their potential by supporting farmer training and research on improved coffee varieties and improved agronomic approaches.

Category: Sustainability

Lecture Room 2

Target Audience: Roasters, Traders and Producers