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Attracting and Retaining Farmworkers – Innovations from Colombia

Skilled farmworkers are necessary to harvest specialty coffees in most parts of the world, but they are too often undervalued and invisible to the industry.

A collaborative and innovative project in Colombia is attracting a dwindling labor force to actively participate in coffee production. Its main objective is to meet the needs of farmworkers, producers, and local organizations, while identifying solutions that will make employment within the coffee industry more socially viable. After a year and half on the ground, this project has seen marked improvements in:

  • Recognition of farmworkers and their contributions to the coffee supply chain.

  • Resource-sharing between coffee producers and farmworkers within the co-op

  • Project design and buy-in from farmworkers themselves.

  • Portfolio of services offered to farmworkers and their families that have given them a sense of job security and peace of mind.

This lecture will present a summary of best practices that have been captured by this project and will guide producers and organizations to make employment within the coffee industry more attractive and socially viable for farmworkers.

Category: Sustainability

Lecture Room 2

Target Audience: Roasters, Traders and Producers