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A Deep Dive into the Production Costs of Ethiopian Coffee Farmers

It's no secret that FOB prices don't tell us the truth about whether we pay fair prices to producers. We have to go deeper if we truly want to figure out if the prices we pay for our green coffee ultimately earn a living for coffee farmers. Together with Sara Morrocchi from Vuna Consulting, we set up a study in order to find out about the costs of productions of farmers in Agaro, West-Ethiopia.

The result is a glimpse into the life of farmers in West-Ethiopia. It’s about farmers who grow some of the world’s most amazing coffees, but actually can not be seen as coffee farmers. The study reveals the gap between expectations and romance of the specialty coffee scene and the sometimes harsh reality of Ethiopian farmers.

I wrote a detailed article about our motivation:

Further, you can get a first impression of the results here:

In the presentation, we want to shed light into the cost structure of our growing partners and the challenge we face in paying truly fair prices. Ethiopia is still among the most challenging countries to source from, so we believe it’s a good example.

Category: Humanities and Social Sciences

Lecture Room 3

Target Audience: Traders, Roasters and Coffee Enthusiasts