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The Kenyan Coffee Revolution: Ndaroini Smallholders Announce New Supply Chain

Kenya is one of the champagne regions of the coffee world – we, coffee professionals and consumers, all love it's unique profiles. Yet, volume output dropped rapidly in recent years and quality Kenyan coffees are becoming scarce. Moreover, through first-hand accounts, smallholders in the Nyeri area feel let down by the current system. A group of fed-up smallholders, from the Ndaroini washing station and Gikanda Cooperative Society Ltd., decided it was time for a change. They are demanding higher prices per kilogram and announce a new transparent supply chain in collaboration with Kenyan-based Rockbern and Dutch green coffee supplier Trabocca. Discover the structure of the Kenyan coffee market, why Kenyan quality has been disappointing and scarce, and which measurements smallholders are taking to improve their situation.

Category: Trading and Commerce

Lecture Room 2

Target Audience: Roasters, Traders, and Baristas