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Design Elements to Create a Brand that Connects to Consumer

Good design communicates a shop’s identity and values in a sensory way that allows people to feel, see and experience it’s brand. It sets the stage for good coffee and great service to be enjoyed and remembered. The third-wave coffee retail experience thrives on intentional creativity, especially when today’s customers are looking for meaning and connection, and so every design detail should be considered. 

From colors and furniture, to bar design and layout, to menu and presentation, we’ll simplify and humanize these design concepts, and consider the various details and their place in coming together to create a coffee shop that connects with your target market, and communicates your brand identity to bring people into an experience and community they’ll connect with longterm.

Category: Roasting and Retailing

Lecture Room 3

Target Audience: Baristas and Retail Operators

Download lecture handout here.