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Understanding Cost of Production Across Latin America

Specialty coffee demands fairer prices for better-quality coffee. But without knowing how much farmers need to spend to produce a pound of coffee, and how this varies across countries and production methods, it’s hard to know what “sustainable prices” really are.

This presentation will uncover what "sustainable pricing" means across six Latin American countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The majority of coffee producers are not aware of exactly how much it costs to produce a kilogram of coffee, leaving them unable to effectively budget and allocate resources throughout the year, keeping them in a continually vulnerable situation. By breaking down the cost structure for the average coffee farmer in each origin, we can begin to uncover what it takes for producers to operate sustainably.

Category: Sustainability

Lecture Room 3

Target Audience: Baristas, Producers, Traders, Roasters, Retail Operators, and Coffee Enthusiasts