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Optimizing Your Green Coffee Buying Lab

Tracing and analyzing quality for a specific batch from origin to cup can be done by businesses of all sizes. But it requires work, sometimes a lot of work. Coffee labs are a cornerstone of many of the processes that generate the information for critical buying decisions and optimizing the way they handle green type can bring big benefits. This means coffee labs are uniquely placed to transform quality control, contract administration and data collection into a strategic advantage.

Simple changes in tracking, cupping, roasting and green grading of coffee samples in and around labs can yield big benefits. Building in-the-flow processes to collect data during daily business is easier than you think. A few simple guidelines can reveal new ways and tools to help follow a sample across your supply chain, compare results and support buying decisions based on reliable and accurate data. New technology and approaches can deliver insights into everything from partners, storage processes, cupping panels and more. You can connect this information to an ERP system for additional benefits. But process changes, plus new inexpensive equipment like your smartphone, means businesses of all sizes can gain the benefits.

Category: Trading and Commerce

Lecture Room 2

Target Audience: Traders, Producers, Roasters and Retail Operators