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A Successful Case of Grassroots Movement from Brazilian Women in Coffee

With continental dimensions Brazil is considered the most significant world coffee producer. Since the coffee arrival in 1727, it’s generally considered as a men world. However, in the past ten years it’s been proved the importance of women work on the different sectors of the coffee production; in other words, women have finally conquered a proper recognition on the country.
The association (CCRC – Centro Comunitário Rural de Conceição) is located on the municipality of Carangola, Minas Gerais Estate, Brazil. It unites 266 coffee farmers as members as well as 400 people involved on the coffee project. In partnership with the State Ministry of Agriculture, 10 farmers are enrolled in a Quality Certification Programme called Certifica Minas.
All members live in an area between 700 and 1100m high, in very small farms, for Brazilian standards (not bigger than 15 ha), cultivating Arabica Catuaí. They are all family farmers working together during the whole process helping each other as much as possible. Women are responsible for the drying process, just few meters away from their household duties. Most of them are members of the IWCA with which support their training courses.

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