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Submissions Opening in 2020


Design Lab is a platform showcasing great design in specialty coffee, taking place at World of Coffee in Warsaw this June. Design Lab was established at our 2016 Specialty Coffee Expo in Atlanta, focusing initially on coffee packaging, but has grown to include new showcases and displays.

Great coffee is synonymous with great design, and increasingly serves a critical function in distinguishing specialty coffee. Design Lab seeks to celebrate this effort through four key showcases: coffee spaces, coffee vessels, packaging, and branding.

  • Category: Vessels | Design Lab Vessels explores some of the most charming and original designs for anything you drink coffee from – paper cups, travel mugs, ceramics, glassware etc. Have you or your business created something beautiful in the past twelve months? We'd like to see it.

  • Category: Spaces | The Design Lab Spaces exhibit showcases incredible retail, education, and production environments designed for coffee. Have you built a beautiful space in the past twelve months? We'd like to see it.

  • Category: Packaging | Design Lab Packaging identifies some of the most compelling coffee packaging designs from the past year. Has your company created new packaging or updated an old design in the past twelve months? We'd like to see it.

  • Category: Brand | This category is about recognizing the brands, identities, and visual environments that companies in coffee use to stand out. It’s about the logos, the style guides, the stationery, the posters, the flyers, the digital communications - anything and everything that's not the product itself or the space. Submissions should include logo files, style guides, and up to three high-res examples of the brand in-use on promotional assets, not including products or vessels. 

Competition Benefits

Design Lab seeks to highlight the best in our industry. Winners in each category will be recognized at the World of Coffee and on SCA News. Additionally, each winner receives a special digital mark to signify their win.

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announcing the 2019 design lab winners