#SCAResearch at World of Coffee

The SCA takes great pride in its history of investigating the scientific principles of coffee, from chemistry and physics to agronomy and sensory perception. This research helps to develop education, standards, and best practices which form the basis of the specialty coffee trade. We’re excited to present a small showcase of #SCAResearch lectures at this year’s World of Coffee!

Cutting-Edge Coffee Science: A Report from the SCA Research Center

Thursday, June 6 | 11:15 - 12:15 | Lecture Room 3
Peter Giuliano

Learn about the science being driven by the SCA Research Center, with reports on projects and outputs of our research streams in sensory science, coffee extraction, coffee freshness, and more.

The Science of Coffee Freshness

Friday, June 7 | 11:15 - 12:15 | Lecture Room 1
Professor Chahan Yeretzian

Coffee freshness is one of the core values of high-quality specialty coffee. But why is preserving freshness so important? To maximize coffee’s potential, it is kept fresh to ensure quality and consistency. Coffee is a highly elusive product – as soon as it is roasted, it already starts to evolve, change and lose its freshness. Research on coffee freshness focuses on two fields related to changes that occur during storage: the chemical changes to coffee aroma and physical changes related to degassing. Both can be linked to loss of freshness. This session will elaborate on how to get the best out of our coffee by understanding the fundamentals of freshness.

SCA’s Price Crisis Response: How Did We Get Here and How Can We Ensure It Doesn’t Happen Again?

Saturday, June 8 | 11:15 - 12:15 | Lecture Room 3
Vera Espindola Rafael, Colleen Anunu, Kim Elena Ionescu

In December of 2018, the SCA launched its Coffee Price Crisis Response Initiative to develop alternative economic models for the specialty coffee sector. During this lecture, representatives from the SCA Sustainability Center and Board of Directors will identify factors that contributed to the wholly unsustainable economic position facing many coffee producers, discuss the limitations of current coffee purchasing practices, and explore actions that industry actors can take to address the crisis in the short term while building a sector that truly benefits the entire value chain in the long term.