Europe's Largest Coffee Event Comes to Berlin

Europe’s largest specialty coffee trade show comes to Berlin 6 to 8 June 2019, Messe Berlin ExpoCenter City.

Every year in June, World of Coffee brings together the specialty coffee community in a different European city. After stops in Amsterdam, Dublin, Rimini, and Maastricht, this year’s event will be held in Berlin. World of Coffee brings together coffee roasters, baristas, producers, and other professionals from around the world along with the latest products and innovations. Over 250 exhibitors from 50 countries will be taking part in World of Coffee 2019 – paired perfectly with an exciting line-up of talks, cuppings, interactive platforms such as the Design Lab, and the Best New Product Awards, all included in the price of admission.

Moreover, this year, World of Coffee will be hosting four of the renowned seven World Coffee Championships: the World Latte Art Championship, the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, the World Cup Tasters Championship, and the Cezve/Ibrik Championship.

Organised by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the umbrella organization for specialty coffee, World of Coffee serves as an open forum for an inclusive discussion with and within the specialty coffee community. The SCA’s goal is to continually raise coffee standards worldwide, to promote specialty coffee, and to establish a fair, sustainable industry for everyone along the entire coffee supply chain.


Attendees gather in the event’s SCA Membership Lounge in Amsterdam (2018).


Roaster Villages

Forty-six micro-roasters from over sixteen countries will present the latest, most innovative coffees, roast them on-location and brew them for visitors to try. The Roaster Villages offer visitors a glimpse into the current trends in terms of coffee sourcing, handling, roasting, brewing and sales.

Design Lab

A public platform that presents different submitted projects in the areas of “coffee spaces,” “vessels,” “packaging,” and “branding.”

Best New Product Competition and Display

World of Coffee highlights products in a range of categories – from technology all the way to coffee beans – as well as tea accessories. The products and accessories are evaluated based on quality as well as usefulness in the specialty coffee and tea industry.


Every year, World of Coffee welcomes industry experts to inspire, educate and motivate coffee professionals and expand their knowledge. The following areas will be discussed: “Humanities & Social Sciences,” “Sustainability,” “Science & Innovation,” “Coffee Farming & Processing,” “Roasting & Retailing,” “Trading & Commerce.”

Automating Excellence

The Automating Excellence area brings together major super automatic machine manufacturers to a space where attendees can taste the world's finest coffee brewed by a selection of the most innovative fully automated machines.


This year’s event sees the introduction of a second Roasters Village due to overwhelming demand.


The term "specialty coffee" is protected by global quality standards that are developed and enforced by the SCA. There are currently a number of international standards in the areas of water, cupping and green coffee. "Specialty coffee" was originally coined in 1974 by Erna Knutsen during an international coffee conference. She used this term to describe coffee beans with unique characteristics that are roasted and prepared with a great deal of care and attention to detail. The SCA builds upon this definition with its work today. Today, the specialty coffee segment is the fastest growing branch of the coffee industry. After the US, Europe and Asia have demonstrated the largest growth in this area. Today, the SCA has around 11,500 members. The top 20 countries with the most members are as follows: US, South Korea, UK, Italy, Taiwan, China, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, France, Ukraine, Australia, Ireland, Turkey, Poland, Brazil.


The SCA, founded in 1982 in New York City, is a membership-based non-profit organisation with members is more than 100 countries that include everyone from farmers to roasters all the way to baristas. The SCA supports initiatives that aim to establish the best possible coffee quality around the world. The goal of the organisation is to maintain the quality of coffee from farm to cup and to make this process as transparent as possible for consumers. At the heart of this mission are the interests of everyone involved in growing, producing and selling coffee; a comprehensive analysis of supply chains that stretch from the countries of origin of the coffee producers all the way to new customers. Alongside top quality, promoting sustainable coffee farming practices and establishing a sustainable coffee industry is another mainstay of the organisation’s efforts.

World of Coffee Berlin will take place June 6-8, 2019.