Today@WOC: Saturday, June 8

Today’s Highlights

World Cup Tasters Championship, Finals and Awards

The fastest of all the World Coffee Championships, the World Cup Tasters Championship awards professional coffee tasters who demonstrate speed, skill, and accuracy in distinguishing taste differences in specialty coffees. Watch the top four of this year’s cohort battle head-to-head in an exhilarating final! 13:30-14:30, WCTC/CIC Stage (Hall 2).

Lecture: A Sixth Era of Coffee? Specialty and Sustainability in Historical and Anthropological Perspective

Bringing together recent work on the history and anthropology of coffee in the context of a discussion about the role of specialty in re-balancing the fundamentals of the market, Professor Jonathan Morris and Sabine Parrish explore how continued price volatility may be resolved in a sixth era as producer countries start consuming their own coffee. 10:00-11:00, Lecture Room 2 (Hall 3).

Lecture: Decoding the Journey of Coffee from Cherries to Cup

How well do we really understand the impact of different post-harvest processing approaches’ impact on coffee quality? Learn more about an exciting study remediating the knowledge gap by characterizing post-harvest coffee processing chains in different geographical locations with different coffee varieties. 12:30-13:30, Lecture Room 1 (Hall 3).

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Today’s Lectures