Showcasing Collaboration: Winners of the 2019 Berlin Design Lab

Spaces | Carrow Coffee Roastery

designed by: carrow coffee roasters

“The roaster looks out and the sheep look in.” Based on a family farm in the west of Ireland, Carrow’s roastery is “an example of collaborative and spontaneous architectural design” that is functional, sustainable, and welcoming. Co-founders Paola and Andrew worked with their family and Stephen Burke, an experienced Irish forester and natural woodworker, to build a structure from sustainable materials like fir, salvaged terracotta tiles, larch, and beeswax.


Vessels | Champion’s Signature Collection

designed by: Ben Sutton x Loveramics x Playset Coffee

Based on a series of hand-thrown porcelain cups commissioned from London ceramicist Ben Sutton by 2017 World Barista Champion Dale Harris, the Champion’s Signature Collection combines Ben’s elegant and tactile aesthetic with Loveramic’s durable, consistent, and latte-art friendly features. The original designs were focused on Ben’s skill with hand-thrown porcelain, using natural tones and textures through the use of glazed and unglazed areas to highlight the colors, quality, and multi-sensory impact of the drinks served within.


Packaging | SIMPLo

designed by: planeta design

“We were inspired by the challenge of simplifying the complexity of coffee, while staying true to our brand and mission.” Together with Planeta Design, SIMPLo applied their bold, vibrant, and campaignable identity across a series of packaging options that would stand out through daring simplicity.


Branding | Café Nahual

designed by: gustavo quintaNa

Every detail of Café Nahual’s brand reflects and shares Mayan spirituality with those engaged by it, with all of the designs used in the brand approved by Mayan priests. There are a few “easter eggs” that reflect the founding family of the brand, too!