ROC Your Water with the Latest Reverse Osmosis Technology from BWT water+more

Visitors attending World of Coffee 2019 will find an absolute highlight at BWT water+more’s stand, located at D41 in Hall 1: BWT bestaqua 14 ROC COFFEE, the world's first and unique reverse osmosis system specially developed for coffee-lovers.

By coffee-lovers for coffee-lovers, in fact, because BWT bestaqua 14 ROC COFFEE has been developed together with coffee artists from all around the world. "As coffee experts par excellence, baristas know precisely what is truly essential for coffee preparation in general and, in particular, for the water used," explains BWT water+more managing director, Dr. Frank Neuhausen.

Reverse Osmosis Plus Optimal Remineralization

With their patented innovation, the water optimizers are giving filter technology a contemporary upgrade. BWT bestaqua 14 ROC COFFEE is a skilful combination of ultramodern reverse osmosis with BWT’s successful magnesium technology. The complete system features a high-performance membrane integrated into a typical filter housing from BWT water+more, a filter head with a conductivity sensor with an option for blending, as well as a control and pump unit. It allows annoying, unwanted substances to be removed with precision from the raw water in order to subsequently re-mineralize it with flavor-carrying magnesium. The complex optimization process produces the ideal coffee water, appreciated by coffee experts because it allows coffee aromas to develop unhindered.


Using BWT bestaqua 14 ROC COFFEE makes it possible to achieve an identical water quality with balanced mineralization for optimum coffee results anywhere in the world. Standard mains water is transformed to contain all the qualities the Specialty Coffee Association considers ideal for coffee preparation and has specified as standard, regardless of the point of use. The optimum ratio of calcium and magnesium achieves outstanding extraction behaviour. Coffees succeed with no peak values for bitterness and exhibit no astringency. The resulting coffee taste is full-bodied and balanced, because nothing interferes with the development of the delicate aromas.

The Pure Pleasure of Coffee

Visitors to World of Coffee 2019 can taste the impact of the BWT bestaqua 14 ROC COFFEE across the entire show floor: BWT water+more is making its "ROC’d" water available to all exhibitors at the Berlin exhibition centre free of charge and in unlimited quantity. It means that coffee roasters, baristas, and traders can present their products in unadulterated form, because there is nothing in the water to interfere with the flavor of the coffee. Instead, the optimised water offers the best possible conditions for the aromas to develop.


This year, BWT water+more has been keeping #WOCBerlin visitors hydrated with herb-infused water available from their stand in Hall 1.

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