A Love of Learning: Meet Iuliia Dziadevych

Iuliia Dziadevych is no stranger to World Coffee Event gatherings. Over the years, she has attended and volunteered at a number of shows across many different countries – with no plans to stop!

SUSIE KEALY shines a spotlight on some of the many volunteers who make SCA events like World of Coffee possible.

Originally from Ukraine, Iuliia calls many different locations around the world “home” thanks to a deep love of travel. Apart from many credentials in a range of barista skills and green coffee courses, she also holds a master’s degree in International Tourism. She’s returning to World of Coffee in Berlin to help specifically with the lectures program. This year, there are 35 lectures across the three-day event, the largest offering ever at the SCA’s World of Coffee event.

Iuliia started her dedicated journey in coffee by chance after seeing an advertisement for the “Barista & Farmer” project. Every year, the project chooses ten finalists to travel and work with farmers on coffee sites around Colombia, giving them the opportunity to experience the whole coffee processing cycle from bean to cup. She decided to attend a barista basics course soon after, which led her to find more than just skills behind the espresso machine. “It was a hit,” recounts Iuliia. “I found my inspiration and saw the huge scenery behind the coffee machine right up to coffee farms. From that time my life would never be the same.”

Iuliia says she’s had many wonderful volunteer roles over the years, viewing each as invaluable: “I see volunteering as the best way to get knowledge, experience, and meet professionals from the industry.” Among her favorite previous roles was her time as a brew bar volunteer, where she made pour-overs on the brew bar during the World Roasting Championships in Rimini 2018. “It was so exciting to meet all of the world’s best roast masters behind the bar, learning their ‘tricks’ and trying so many mind-blowing coffees.”

When asked what kind of an impact her volunteer roles have made on her career, Iuliia sees her interest in coffee and time spent travelling and volunteering as so much more: “It has not just made an impact, it’s a big part of my life now. I worked as a harvest intern on the Gesha Village estate in Ethiopia, and traveled around the country to see production processing in different parts of Ethiopia and then in Kenya. We have visited so many coffee farms as part of the Barista & Farmer show. I went to Sweden just to take part in Barista League and also to Italy just to volunteer at the World Roasting Championships. Even my vipassanā meditation course in Israel was taken from the perspective of helping with concentration on coffee tasting. So now all of my travelling is dedicated or related to coffee.”

Even during her earlier days in coffee, Iuliia was so interested in coffee and the whole of the industry that she traveled alone to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital. There she met Rachel Overton of Gesha Village, who made an indelible mark on Iuliia’s wider perspective with the “right words said in the right moment.” Iuliia’s conversation with Rachel was a moment that she says she will never forget: “[she encouraged me] to create [my] own reality.”

On her days off, you never know where in the world you will find Iuliia! If she is back in her native Ukraine, she focuses on spending time with her family. While she is in Tenerife, she will spend her days hiking the local landscape and attending salsa dance lessons. “Now that I'm working in Montenegro, I spend my free time walking along the seaside, hanging out on my terrace, and joining piano classes.”

And as she looks towards the future, what does Iuliia see herself doing? “Sensory analysis. Everything around it and green coffee. I found it most exciting and I am now looking for an internship in coffee importing company or any volunteering activities to get me to this point.” We wish you the best of luck, Iuliia!

SUSIE KEALY is a freelance communications and marketing professional based in Berlin.

The SCA was built by dedicated volunteers with a vision of an organization that promoted the values of specialty coffee and community. The contributions of SCA volunteers can be seen in the various leadership groups that support the mission of the association and in the thousands who give their time at SCA trade shows and community events every year. Please join us in thanking the many volunteers who make this year’s World of Coffee possible!