Today@WOC: Thursday, June 6

Today’s Highlights

Meet the 2019 Portrait Country, Peru


Known for high-quality flavor profiles and sustainable farming practices, now’s the time to “taste the soul of Peru!” As this year’s Portrait Country, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about what makes Peruvian coffee unique at their booth (G8, Hall 2), their lecture (today  at 12:30-13:30 in Lecture Room 3, Hall 3), and their daily cuppings. 11:30-12:30 Thursday, Room 2 (Hall 2); 16:00-17:00 Friday, Room 2 (Hall 2); 13:00-14:00 Saturday, Room 2 (Hall 2).

World Latte Art Championship Stage Round

After producing a single creative latte pattern at the Art Bar, competitors will move to the main stage to create two sets of identical lattes – “free-pour” and “designer” – and one matching set of free-pour macchiatos. The 12 highest scoring competitors across both rounds will move to the Semi-Finals tomorrow! 9:30-16:00, WLAC Stage (Hall 3); Semi-Finalists announced at 17:00.

Lecture: Cutting-Edge Coffee Science: A Report from the SCA Research Center

Learn about the science being driven by the SCA Research Center, with reports on projects and outputs of our research streams in sensory science, coffee extraction, coffee freshness, and more. 11:15 – 12:15, Lecture Room 3 (Hall 3).

Lecture: Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide as a New Price Discovery Tool for the Specialty Coffee Industry

Learn more about an exciting project housed at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia that aggregates donated anonymized contract information about pricing behaviors. The result? A guide for both sellers and buyers to help determine pricing that does not rely on the volatile commodity price as a baseline. 13:45-14:45, Lecture Room 3 (Hall 3).

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