Send Your Taste Buds on a Global Journey at World of Coffee with BWT water+more

This year, we’re inviting all World of Coffee (WOC) visitors to relax and refresh their palates in between delicious aromas and flavors from Costa Rica, Africa, India, or Colombia  with a “freshness kick” provided by BWT water+more.

The purest, minerally balanced water, lightly infused with functional herbs will help prepare attendees for fresh adventures in taste!

As this year’s event host sponsor, BWT water+more brings ideally optimized water to every aspect of World of Coffee. It will be used in thousands of instances across the show floor: filling-stations, tastings in the Roaster Village, and of course, the stands of this year’s many exhibitors, all of whom are able to supply themselves on request – and free of charge – with BWT’s optimized water. The water specialists have provided many  practical 18-liter kegs to be refilled as often as required.

Ensure the Best Coffee Outcomes with Balanced Mineralization

"We are proud of the fact that, using our filter technologies, we can succeed – effortlessly and with reproducible precision – in imbuing regular water with those qualities which the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) considers ideal in the preparation of good coffees. The SCA water standard is possible anywhere in the world, as water with balanced mineralization for the best coffee results," says Dr. Frank Neuhausen, managing director of BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH.


BWT water+more’s ideally optimized water will be used in thousands of instances across the show floor at WOC this week.

Photo: Sinan Muslu.

Using the water from this European technology leader, specially optimized for preparing coffee, allows coffee exporters, baristas, and coffee roasters to present their products authentically, because there is nothing in the water to interfere with the flavor of the coffee. "On the contrary – the water provides the best starting conditions for the aromas," says Dr. Neuhausen.

Give Your Palate a “Freshness Kick”

World of Coffee 2019 sees coffee in all its aromatic variations brewed and served. It's the ultimate in pleasure, but also a demanding job for our palates. To help your taste buds relax and refresh in between each session, coffee-lovers can get the ideal freshness kick from the touring BWT water+more cart. Roving the exhibition area, the cart offers visitors super-fresh, optimized, mineralized water from BWT water+more infused with fresh organic herbs like lemon balm, peppermint, and rosemary to ensure a relaxing contrast in flavor or help prepare attendees for their next adventure in coffee-tasting.


One of the many BWT water+more refill stations in use at last year’s World of Coffee in Amsterdam.

Photo: sinan Muslu.

Supplied in BWT water+more’s stylish Tritan™ bottles with strainer, the refreshment – and the high-quality vessel! – are free of charge to visitors of the BWT water+more cart and guests are encouraged to choose the infusion that suits their preference. "Repeat offenders" are welcome! You are invited to refill the bottle as often as you like – so you can head into the next coffee tasting with a fully-refreshed sense of taste after your relaxing mini-break.

—- content from our Host Sponsor, BWT water+more —-