Getting Around Berlin

This year, World of Coffee has partnered with the team behind the Berlin Coffee Festival to build a guide to this year's host city. To help you make the most of your time in Berlin, PHILIPP REICHEL, co-founder of the Berlin Coffee Festival, has put together a list of handy tips and recommendations for this year's World of Coffee attendees.

Public Transport: BVG

Berlin has a well set up public transport system - the trains or buses provided by the BVG are the easiest way to get around Berlin. Don’t worry about having to find and work ticket machines - the BGV Ticket app means you can purchase tickets on your smartphone. For trip planning and connections, use the BVG FahrInfo app (available on your app store of choice).

If you are in Berlin’s city center, you can also use the BVG’s shuttle service, called “Berlkönig.” Quickly register through the BVG app and use the cheapest way to get around by car. They’ll pick you up wherever you are, whenever you need them.


Car-Sharing, Bike-Sharing

Like almost every big city nowadays, Berlin has plenty of car-sharing services. If you’re feeling sporty, you can even go for a scooter ride! Be aware though, all Berlin car-sharing services only work with European driver’s licenses.

The healthiest option is hiring a bike and there there are many bike-sharing services from which to choose. Almost all of them have a simple explanation for how to use them and - as you may have guessed - your smartphone acts as the key.

When driving or cycling in Berlin, always be ready for chaotic situations: narrow streets, people illegally double parking on the busy main roads, and the general congestion that most major cities experience. Always be careful, no matter whether you are on two or four wheels!


Berlin Taxis

You prefer getting a lift via car? Taxis are all over the city. They might be a bit more expensive than the usual ride-sharing services that we all know, but you may feel safer with normal taxis.

This is mostly because ride-sharing services are not completely legal in Germany, meaning that your ride might not be as pleasant as you would expect it to be.

Call a taxi to you using the MyTaxi app and be safe and sound with a licensed driver.