Visitor Tips

This year, World of Coffee has partnered with the team behind the Berlin Coffee Festival to build a guide to this year's host city. To help you make the most of your time in Berlin, PHILIPP REICHEL, co-founder of the Berlin Coffee Festival, has put together a list of handy tips and recommendations for this year's World of Coffee attendees.

Here are some general things to keep in mind during your visit to Berlin!

  1. Cash is still the main form of payment - lots of places don’t accept cards. Making sure you’ve always got some cash on hand can help to save some frustration when visiting busy establishments.

  2. Tipping in Berlin is calculated based on the quality of the service you’ve received, so it’s totally fine not to tip when having had a bad service experience. It’ll always make the service staff happy with a little extra trinkgeld. They’ll really appreciate it.

  3. Germans - and specifically Berliners - tend to be a bit rough around the edges. They can sometimes be more direct than what you’re used to in an everyday situation. Never take it personally! ;)

  4. Always pay for your public transport tickets. Even though there are no gates to enter the public transport system, ticket checks happen frequently. You don’t want to ruin your day by having to pay the €60 fine!

  5. Berlin is particularly known for its nightlife, but that bars and clubs allow indoor smoking can come as a surprise. Choose wisely or ask before entering a bar if you want to avoid an evening of passive smoking.

  6. Even thought Berlin is multicultural (and you can hear a lot of English), it helps to be polite and not expect everyone to speak English right away. A “guten tag” (“hello”), “entschuldigung” (“excuse me”), or “dankeschön” (“thank you”) can go a long way.

  7. When it comes to restaurants, always try to book a table in advance. The good ones are almost always booked out, but there is always a chance you may get a table spontaneously.