Coffee Shops & Roasteries

This year, World of Coffee has partnered with the team behind the Berlin Coffee Festival to build a guide to this year's host city. To help you make the most of your time in Berlin, PHILIPP REICHEL, co-founder of the Berlin Coffee Festival, has put together a list of handy tips and recommendations for this year's World of Coffee attendees.

Berlin’s coffee scene grew exponentially over the past few years, with new coffee shops opening almost every week featuring more and more unique concepts. Roasteries are newly set up as well. You could spend a whole week exploring all the different places that are widely spread all over the city, so we’ve separated our list into three different kinds of offerings.


Special Concepts

  • Refugio Cafe | | A café that is run by refugees and volunteers only.

  • Isla Berlin | @islacoffeeberlin | Award winning coffee shop that has its focus on circular economy.

  • Leuchtstoff Kaffeebar | @leuchtstoffkaffeebar | A neighborhood cafe run as a collective.

  • Companion Coffee | @companioncoffeeberlin | A multi roaster cafe that focuses on specialty tea, which is sourced and imported by the owners.

  • Flying Roasters | @flying_roasters | In my opinion, this is the first, fully transparent roastery in Berlin.

  • Happy Baristas | @happybaristas | Multi-roaster cafe with a strong focus on great coffee cocktails in the evening.


Berlin Classics

  • The Barn | @thebarnberlin | The Barn now has multiple locations all over the city. The world knows the roastery better than the Berliners!

  • Five Elephant | @fiveelephant | With two locations now, Five Elephant has constantly upped its quality level. A joy to follow their progression.

  • Bonanza | @bonanzacoffee | Their unique roasting facility and their cafe is not only pleasing for the eye, but also created a new level of perception of coffee in Berlin.

  • Andraschko Kaffeemanufaktur | @andraschkokaffee | The roastery has existed for more than a decade and was one of the founders of the specialty movement in Berlin. A lot of the well known started because of them!

  • 19grams | | Formerly known as Tres Cabezas. They have been around for 15 years and have evolved into running four coffee shops and their roastery in Berlin.

  • Röststätte | @roeststaetteberlin | They roast coffee since almost a decade now and generated multiple competition winner Nicole Battefeld.

  • Chapter One Coffee Berlin | @chapteronecoffeeberlin | Almost an institution for serving the best handbrews with its impressive Syphon set up.

the new generation

  • Populus Coffee | @populus_coffee | A small roastery run by a Finnish couple. Family business and Nordic influences all the way through.

  • Kaffee 9 | @kaffee9 | A coffee shop that grew into a roastery. Part of the culinary center of Berlin, the Markthalle Neun, and home of the Berlin Coffee Festival.

  • Ben Rahim | @benrahimcoffee | One of the smallest coffee shops in town that serves Square Mile coffee only and serves the best Ibrik coffee in town!

  • Father Carpenter | @father.carpenter | Busiest brunch place in Berlin that is part of multiple branches: @silocoffee

  • Camon | @camon_coffee | Pretty neighborhood cafe that serves specialty coffee in a relaxed manner.

  • Nano Kaffee Berlin | @nanokaffeeberlin | Beautiful and minimalistic set up coffee shop, serving its own range of coffees and from other roasteries as well.

  • Annelies | @anneliesberlin | One of the best and high quality breakfast cafes in town, with always perfectly served coffee from LaCabra.

  • Die Espressionisten | @espressionisten | Multiroaster cafe and home to the amazing Kees van der Westen and Slayer machines in Germany. Great place to get your hands on these unique machines with very knowledgeable people working there.