Volunteer at World of Coffee and Earn a Free 3-Day Badge

World of Coffee runs in large part thanks to dozens of volunteers from around the world who attend to support the various show features every year. The SCA Volunteers team are calling on the coffee community to help fill a few vacant positions to support competitions, Design Lab, Best New Product, and the Green Team. Register and earn a free 3-day badge to the event.

Read the details of each position below and visit our volunteers page to sign up.

WOC Lectures Room Lead Volunteer

This volunteer lends support to the presenter during the lecture sessions. Responsibilities include: scanning attendee badges, introducing the presenters, distributing and collecting evaluations, checking all audio-visual equipment is working and communicating problems to the lectures manger, assisting the audience during the presentation.  This volunteer must be present during the entire presentation and be computer literate. This volunteer will feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group, be a problem solver and able to manage any issues that arise during the presentation. The lead volunteers must also feel confidant in delegating tasks to the Assistant room volunteers.

Design Lab Monitor

In this role, you will assist the Association in ensuring that the items in the Design Lab are secure. The design lab showcases the "Best of Packaging, Vessels, Spaces and Branding" in the specialty coffee industry.  In this position, you will monitor the area and make sure that displays remain undisturbed while World of Coffee attendees view and enjoy the exhibits.

Best New Product Monitor

This volunteer will assist exhibitors in checking-in and placing their New Products in the showcase that is in the registration concourse.  This is not a fast paced job and you have a chair, so perfect for someone who does not want to walk or stand a lot.

World Cup Tasters Championship (WCTC) Serve the Audience Bar Assistant

The serve the audience barista will be responsible for running the serve the audience bar at the WCTC stage. They will be required to brew coffees to a schedule as determined by a WCE staff member.

World Latte Art Championship (WLAC) Stage Assistants

Stage Assistants will support the stage managers in running the competition. They will assist the competitors, helping them onstage and backstage with their practice and competition times.

WOC Green Team Volunteers

Green Team volunteers speak with exhibitors to share the location of the water stations and waste collection points and explain that all waste needs to be taken to the collection bins. Volunteers also encourage competitors and competitions staff and volunteers to use the coffee waste collection points. Additionally, Green Team volunteers communicate with visitors about the BTW Water Refill stations and how to use the correct bins for disposing of their waste items.

Ready to volunteer your time at World of Coffee? Visit the volunteers page now to sign up.