Since its inception in 2017 the Automating Excellence Feature area has grown in popularity as it brings together major super automatic machine manufacturers to a space where attendees can taste the world’s finest coffee brewed by a selection of the most innovative fully automated machines. 
Below are this year’s exhibiting companies.


With their precisely engineered patented TANGO® stainless steel brew group, well-known for their high quality of coffee extraction, and other favorite features like precision Ø 80mm grinders blades, its PID temperature-controlled brew head and pressure-controlled boilers, the super automatic TANGO® machines offers an intuitive user interface that allows for limitless experimentation of coffee profiles. The TANGO® range includes the unique 2-groups TANGO® Duo able to deliver 4 beverages simultaneously plus water and steam for demanding professional use, and the 1-group models TANGO® Solo and TANGO® Ace that meet the market's specific demands for performance, reliability, and the guarantee of a perfect and consistent result in every cup.
The TANGO® STP Solo is recommended for coffee and restaurant chains, bars, hotels… with medium to high busy business turnover, aiming to automatically transform coffee and fresh milk into tailored drinks with heated or cold milk or foamed milk with a silky and smooth texture.
Let the Tango® machines be your barista guides !


Franke Kaffeemaschinen aG
It has been designed to give everyone their very own little moment of luxury. Whatever your favorite coffee, the A1000 can make your wish come true. The A1000 is your ticket to a coffee that’s more personalized than ever before. Welcome to the next level of indulgence.


Thermoplan AG
Black&White4 CTM RL
The Black&White4 is innovative and the true professional for the most exacting tasks. With unique technologies such as ISQ (intelligent show quality) and a newly developed milk frothing system we guarantee coffee excellence and indulgence at the highest level. Cup after cup.


Gruppo Cimbali spa
LaCimbali S30
Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with Thermodrive system, Wi-Fi connectivity, Italian expertise, PGS (Perfect Grinding System), Hot and Cold frothed milk


Melitta XT8
The Melitta® Cafina® XT8 is the fastest in its family. Large grinding discs and the compact
stainless-steel brewing unit speed up the grinding and brewing process. Enjoy this brief
moment while it lasts. Refined aluminium housing (anodised and shot-blasted),
ergonomically tilted control panel, 10,4“ touch display with robust glass panel (3
mm), narrow strips of light on the height-adjustable zinc die-cast dispenser.
Two varieties of milk. Two varieties of hot chocolate. And, in parallel, up to 40 litres of hot
water/hour for tea lovers. The Melitta® Cafina® XT8 leaves no wish unfulfilled.

  • Clean in Place (CIP®)

  • Automatic Coffeequality Service (ACS®)

  • Variable Pressure System (VPS®)

  • Innovative milk system with cold milk foam and TopFoam



We introduce the evolution of a machine that is big inside and compact outside. Today even more advanced and with so many new technologies that make it easier to use, quieter and more productive.It's Prontobar Touch.